Customer-Driven Budgeting: Prepare, Engage, Execute: The Small Business Guide for Growth

This comprehensive budgeting book emphasizes that the customer drives the business organization and processes and becomes the overriding purpose for a company’s existence and success. Inside, you’ll find a lot of details that sum up a complete guide that covers every step in the budgeting cycle from the basics of organization, processes, and funding to budget execution and monitoring. The author believes that the budget is the starting point and catalyst for gaining customers and that the budget prepares the company to supply the sales and marketing team reinforcements for giving a compelling reason for customers to buy from it. This book can be used immediately in business budgeting that presents you with a modular format-starting at the beginning of the budget process and working through it entirely; or select a budget area most challenging to the business and work from there to other areas of priority.

About the Author

Floyd Talbot Elk Grove, CA; Consultant; MBA Pepperdine; Market-focused Customer-driven Budgeting packs between its pages over 30 years of accounting and financial management experience in large, medium, and small businesses through financial management consulting

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