Derivatives and Hedge Accounting

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Derivatives & Hedge Accounting is written specially to help readers unravel the complexity of hedge accounting. The book addresses hedge accounting and two key international standards: IAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement (known as FRS 39 in Singapore) and the new IFRS 9 Financial Instruments (known as FRS 109 in Singapore) issued in November 2014.

Authors Ng Eng Juan et al. take a straight-forward step-by-step approach to deal with the complex topic in just three chapters:

Chapter 1 Accounting for Derivatives discusses the nature, valuation and accounting for the four common types of derivatives: options, forwards, futures and swaps.
Chapter 2 Hedge Accounting under IAS 39 looks at hedge accounting under the existing IAS 39 standard.
Chapter 3 Hedge Accounting under IFRS 9 looks at hedge accounting under the new IFRS 9 standard.

Key Features & Benefits
Promotes understanding of complex topic – Although hedge accounting is not easy, this book singularly focused on hedge accounting leads students and accountants to boldly tackle the topic. Its straight-forward approach helps readers to get a good grasp of the complex topic.
Up-to-date with both standards – This book discusses the hedge accounting requirements of both the IAS 39 standard and the IFRS 9 standard. It is useful to those who continue to use IAS 39 (or FRS 39) for hedge accounting purposes as well as those who choose to adopt IFRS 9 (or FRS 109).
IFRS 9 for Singapore accountants – Chapter 3 on Hedge Accounting under IFRS 9 is especially important for Singapore accountants as the IFRS 9 is newly adopted in Singapore. The Accounting Standards Council of Singapore had previously not adopted earlier versions of the IFRS.
Wider understanding of hedging – The explanations provided are designed to help readers appreciate the economic and accounting impact of hedging and hedge accounting as a whole.

Topics Covered
Chapter 1: Accounting for Derivatives
Chapter 2: Hedge Accounting under IAS 39
Chapter 3: Hedge Accounting under IFRS 9

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Published : 2016