Education Policy Unravelled 2nd Edition

Education Policy Unravelled examines the nature of contemporary education policy, its purposes and political formation. This thoroughly revised edition charts the continuity of policy development along neo-liberal lines, taking a historical perspective broadly from the 19th century and towards the emerging position of the current Conservative government in the UK. This new edition now includes: – the developments in education policy which took place under the Coalition government administration between 2010-2015; – a brand new chapter on policy developments in early childhood education and care; – a brand new chapter on inclusive schools, special educational needs and disability; – new activities and illustrative case studies to challenge and inform students’ thinking and understanding around key policy issues; – discussion of new research and recent legislation to illuminate important and emergent issues in education. Written in an accessible style, this is an invaluable guide for engaging with education policy as it uses a variety of key elements of policy theory in order to support students through some of the complexities involved in contemporary policy analysis and critique.

About the Author

Gillian Forrester is an independent academic researcher. She was formerly Subject Head of Education and Early Childhood Studies, Faculty of Education, Health and Community at Liverpool John Moores University, UK. Dean Garratt is Professor of Education and Director of the Graduate School at the University of Chester, UK.

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