Effective Management: 20 Keys to a Winning Culture

To create a winning culture, you must form a coherent team that is alive, awake, attuned, and committed. In any organisation, there are key playersuindividuals who set the tone and the culture. Effective Management offers tips for them to become the instruments of change. Culture means commonalities that exist among people with shared interests. The keys in this book will help managers support teams of people who rise to the occasion, solve problems proactively, and take advantage of positive opportunities. The results will include growth, improved profits and other measures of efficiency, a rewarding culture for all those on board, and the delivery of fair and equitable value to your customers.

About the Author

A. Keith Barnes served as the S. V. Hunsaker Professor of Management at the University of Redlands, USA where he won awards for teaching and service. He authored the academic book Management Maturity: Prerequisite to Total Quality Management and more than 60 articles and monographs on a variety of business subjects.

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