Erevolution: A Computerised Accounting Practice Set Using MYOB Version 19

eRevolution is a computerised practice set using MYOB AccountRight Plus V19. This practice set is designed to give students experience in recording a variety of business transactions common to small businesses, so that they will gain an understanding of a computerised accounting system, how it operates, how to set up a data file and enter opening balances, how to record transactions, and how to produce useful reports. This ?hands-on’ methodology reinforces the students’ understanding of accounting fundamentals typically encountered in practice, and is therefore, suitable for students undertaking a course in accounting or computer-based accounting information systems. Completion of the practice set for a one month period, should ensure a greater appreciation of the following: * the steps in a typical accounting cycle for a small business * the use of subsidiary ledgers * the perpetual inventory system * balance-day adjustments * the bank account reconciliation * how the accounting cycle culminates in the preparation of financial statements * how GST is recorded and the effect it has on transactions * the variety of source documents, and * how to extract information from source documents to record transactions. Systems Requirements For Windows 7: Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) or Windows XP (Service Pack 3) For Mac: Mac OS X v10.4 or later

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