Essential Basics of Probability, Statistics and Analytics 1st Edition

Author: Chin Chee Kai
Publisher: SoftML Pte Ltd

Essential Basics of Probability, Statistics and Analytics connects key concepts of probability, statistics and analytics to real life for the beginning learner. Where possible and appropriate, advanced ideas are explained with graphs and diagrams to visualize abstract ideas for the reader. College instructors could find this an excellent textbook or supplementary book for an introductory course on probability and statistics. Working adults who wish to gain an essential basic concepts behind analytics should find the presentation of this book easier to digest than a pure statistics textbook. Ready-to-run codes in R help reader to immediately get started with applying analytics concepts to real life applications.

With simple exposition of key topics, graphical illustration of abstract concepts, coverage of essential basics of analytics, and inexpensive price, the Essential Basic of Probability, Statistics and Analytics offers a strong value-proposition to the reader.

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Language : English
Published : 2016

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