Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis 5th Edition

Author: Knut Sydsaeter
Publisher: Pearson Education


Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis, 2nd Edition”” “Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis, “2nd Edition, provides an invaluable introduction to the mathematical tools that undergraduate economists need. The coverage is comprehensive, ranging from elementary algebra to more advanced material, whilst focusing on all the core topics that are usually taught in undergraduate courses on mathematics for economists. FEATURES An intelligent approach to teaching mathematics, based on years of experience. Mathematical rigour and a strong focus on mathematical reasoning. Large selection of worked examples throughout the book. These are not just specific to economics, as most topics are first dealt with from a purely mathematical point of view before providing economic insight. Large number of problems for students to solve. Answers to selected questions included in the back of the book. CHANGES TO THIS EDITION New Chapter 17 on linear programming. All chapters revised and updated. Even more economic examples and problem material added. Extensive resources for students and lecturers on the companion website. ‘The book is by far the best choice one can make for a course on mathematics for economists. It is exemplary in finding the right balance between mathematics and economic examples.’ Dr. Roelof J. Stroeker, Erasmus University, Rotterdam. ‘The writing style is superb. I found that the style of writing promotes interest and manages to allow intuitive understanding whilst not sacrificing mathematical precision and rigour.’ Dr. Steven Cook, University of Wales, Swansea Knut Sydsaeter is a Professor of Mathematics in the Economics Department atthe University of Oslo, where, since 1965, he has had extensive experience in teaching mathematics for economists. He has also given graduate courses in dynamic optimization at Berkeley and Gothenborg. He has written and co-authored a number of books, of which several have been translated into many languages. In recent years he has been engaged in an attempt to improve the teaching of mathematics for economists in several African universities. Peter Hammond is a Professor of Economics at Stanford University, where he moved in 1979 after holding the same position at the University of Essex. He completed a BA in Mathematics and a PhD in Economics at the University of Cambridge. He has been an editor of the “Review of Economic Studies,” of the Econometric Society Monograph Series, and served on the editorial boards of “Social Choice and Welfare “and the “Journal of Public Economic Theory.” He has published more than 90 academic papers in journals and books, mostly on economic theory and mathematical economics. Also available: “Further Mathematics for Economic Analysis” by Sydsaeter, Hammond, Seierstad and Strom (ISBN 0 273 65576 0) “Further Mathematics for Economic Analysis” is a companion volume to “E””ssential Mathematics for Economic Analysis,” It is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate economics students whose requirements go beyond the material usually taught in undergraduate mathematics courses for economists. It presents most of the mathematical tools that are required for advanced courses in economic theory — both micro and macro.

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Published : 2016-06-01