Essentials of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology 2nd Edition

A concise guide to the fundamentals of child psychopathology, complete with the latest developments Essentials of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Second Edition provides a concise, accessible overview of the major theories, assessment practices, and key issues. This updated Second Edition describes the significant changes in the way DSM -5 conceptualizes disorders in children and adolescents, and includes a new chapter on child abuse, child maltreatment, and self-injurious behavior. Using practical case examples to illustrate key points, the book addresses specific disorders and problems prevalent among this age group including anxiety, mood disorders, and traumatic stress. Each chapter features reader-friendly elements like Rapid Reference, Caution, and Don’t Forget boxes that call out important information, facilitating easy look-up and quick navigation. This invaluable resource fills the need for an overview of the most current issues and changes in the field, allowing readers to: * Review the development, theories, and influences in child and adolescent psychopathology * Understand neurodevelopmental disorders including intellectual and developmental disabilities, ADHD, and specific learning disabilities or disorders * Compare and contrast the manifestations of internalized vs. externalized disorders * Examine later-onset disorders and special topics including eating disorders, substance abuse, and trauma-related disorders The book also includes appendices on ethical conduct, assessment instruments, and IDEA 2004, providing readers the guidance and tools that can help increase positive outcomes. Whether used as a secondary text or as a professional reference, Essentials of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Second Edition provides an authoritative briefing on this evolving area of practice.

About the Author

LINDA WILMSHURST, PHD, is an AssociateProfessor of Psychology at Elon University and a licensed clinical(ABPP) and school psychologist. She has written six books,including Clinical and Educational Child Psychology: AnEcological-Transactional Approach to Understanding Child Problemsand Interventions (Wiley-Blackwell) and The Complete Guideto Special Education: Expert Advice on Evaluations, IEPs, andHelping Kids Succeed, Second Edition with Alan W. Brue(Jossey-Bass).

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