Federal Money Laundering Regulation: Banking, Corporate and Securities Compliance 2nd Edition

“Federal Money Laundering Regulation: Banking, Corporate and Securities Compliance “is your complete guide to understanding and complying with all U.S. statutes, regulations and court decisions governing money laundering activity. This valuable desk reference provides in-depth analysis and guidance on recordkeeping and reporting requirements, anti- money laundering compliance programs, money laundering crimes, asset forfeitures, and state and international measures against money laundering and terrorist financing. This guide is especially aimed at law firms and corporate counsel representing banks, insurance companies, securities broker-dealers, and other financial institutions, as well as the criminal bar, public accountants, and compliance officers. The “Second Edition” of “Federal Money Laundering Regulation” reflects a substantial reorganization and expansion of the previous edition, and adds three new chapters covering: terrorist financing (Chapter 5); OFAC compliance (Chapter 10); and special measures against foreign jurisdictions or financial institutions deemed to be and#8220;of primary money laundering concernand#8221; (Chapter 30). The remaining chapters have been extensively rewritten and reorganized to reflect major regulatory developments. Highlights include: Techniques used by federal, state, and local politicians to launder money. The new role of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) to ensure anti-money laundering compliance by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Banks. Designing an adequate Customer Identification Program (CIP) for verifying the identity of persons seeking to open an account and checking customer names against terrorist lists. Responding to an information request under Section 314(a) of the Patriot Act. Exercising due diligence when opening and managing correspondent accounts for foreign banks and enhanced due diligence for certain correspondent accounts. Blocking (freezing) assets and property of OFAC-designated countries, entities or individuals, and reporting the blocked transactions. Using automated systems to facilitate BSA reporting, including flagging suspicious activity and large currency transactions.

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