Forward Engagement: Rsis as a Think Tank of International Studies and Security in the Asia-Pacific

“In many ways, the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) is a microcosm of the Singapore brand of government. The DNA of Singapore’s policymaking is its forward-looking nature. S. Rajaratnam talked about the captain of the ship and the qualities of the ‘Assabiya’ while Lee Kuan Yew articulated his wish for leadership foresight and the admiration for ‘helicopter quality’ candidates in policymaking. This was how RSIS’ mission began under the stewardship of the late President S.R. Nathan. RSIS began (as IDSS) in 1996 as a form of policymakers’ clairvoyant on security matters. To date, it is Singapore’s ‘frontline’ think tank on Asia-Pacific security, counter-terrorism, inter-religious dialogue and non-traditional security threats. The various contributors in this edited volume, Forward Engagement: RSIS as a Think Tank of International Studies and Security in the Asia-Pacific, have been stalwarts of the RSIS mission for the past 20 years. These are their reflections for posterity as well as their forward projections for their quasi-diplomatic and intellectual roles in the service of Singapore’s national security”–

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