Gateway to World Religions

The Declaration Toward A Global Ethic was adopted by the Parliament of the World’s Religions on 4 September 1993. The term GLOBAL ETHIC refers to a set of common moral values and ethical standards which are shared by the different faiths and cultures. In bringing out the book Gateway to World Religions, Asiapac Books affirms our support towards “Declaration on Religious Harmony”. We aim to help promote harmony through helping readers to understand the core beliefs, values and practices of various religions here and worldwide. No man is an island. This saying is never more true than in today’s world. Within our multicultural, multiracial society, we would have friends and neighbours – and maybe even relatives! – who practise a different religion to ours. Therefore, a basic understanding and appreciation of the many religions around is necessary to enhance neighbourliness and promote peace and harmony in all societies. This book on 12 of the world’s major religions (as well as primal religions) showcases their main aspects and characteristics. While it does not attempt to cover every detail about each religion, there is hopefully sufficient information here to encourage you to embark on a personal journey to learn more about religions other than your own. Differences among the religions are explained, as similarities become apparent. Sharing such knowledge can pave the way to inter-religious understanding and cohesion. It is with this understanding and knowledge that we can accept and appreciate the diversity, richness – and relevance – of all the major religions practiced by our fellow human beings.

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