HW0128 Scientific Communication I: Student’s Course Guide 2nd Edition

Publisher: Routledge

This is the coursebook for Scientific Communication I, a one-semester, 2-credit course for students in the School of Biological Sciences and School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The broad aim of this course is to increase students’ abilities in academic communication related to their studies in science as well as in professional communication. Professional scientists not only need expert knowledge relating to science, but they also need to be able to communicate that knowledge, both to their scientific colleagues and also to the wider community. This coursebook is designed to help improve students’ skills in both areas of communication. Accessibly written and rigorously researched it provides up-to-date science-specific vocabulary and exercises to assist students to master Scientific Communication I.

Please note: As HW0001 English Proficiency is a co-requisite/pre-requisite for this course, please ensure that you have completed the course, signed up for it this semester or obtained exemption from this requirement.

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Language : English
Published : 2018
Pages : 132