Immersive Learning: Designing for Authentic Practice

Immersive Learning: Designing for Authentic Practice focuses on how to design immersive learning environments and how these design practices differ from traditional instructional design processes. Traditional instruction often amounts to providing information to the learners without the opportunity to use what they learn. Immersive learning creates practice opportunities for the learners, which leads to improved performance and true behavior change. Immersive learning doesn t have to be an expensive 3D virtual environment. In fact, it s not about technology at all it s about design. By following the design process laid out in this book, you ll create learning that drives real change and is fun for the learners.

About the Author

Koreen Olbrish, CEO, founded Tandem Learning to address an unmet need in the learning space. Applying her background in experiential learning and technology for education, Koreen advocates new ways of looking at enterprise learning to accelerate from knowledge acquisition to behaviour change. She has strong ties to education, having received her M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction from Penn State University and helped start Freire Charter School in Philadelphia in 1999. The majority of Koreen's experience has been in the development of enterprise learning solutions, with particular expertise in simulation, serious games, and the application of virtual world technology for learning.

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