Intercultural Communication for Managers

Since 2008 the world has experienced the meltdown of its financial markets, followed by a devastating and protracted global recession, as well as numerous regional armed conflicts. Professionals in multi-national corporations face the challenges of a rapidly changing global economy, a revolution in communication channels fueled by digital media, a substantially transformed understanding of what a 21St Century corporation stands for – all in an environment of financial, political, and social uncertainty. It is in that spirit that this book looks at successful pathways, and ways of thinking, for people working and managing in a global environment. Knowledge of the people, organizations and companies you work with is essential. Becoming acquainted and eventually immersed in the history, geography, values, traditions, taboos, mindset, prejudices, and legal systems of someone else is an essential step to successful relationships with people from other parts of the world. Knowledge of the culture and management practices of their company is the second step toward success – how they make decisions; how they organize; how they work together; how they view the outside world; how they tolerate risk; how they settle disagreements; how they run meetings; how they view time; how they demonstrate their mission and values. The ability to work and manage in a global environment is a great benefit to your company. Understanding of the global environment empowers you and your company with the confidence to compete with world-class companies. Understanding other cultures and people gives managers and executives the confidence to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently and ultimately more profitably.

About the Author

Michael Goodman New York, NY, Director, MA in Corporate Communication, Director, CCI Corporate Communication International, Baruch College/CUNY.

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