International Financial Management

Designed for students taking courses in international finance, international financial management, multinational finance and multinational financial management, International Financial Management offers a variety of real-life examples, both numerical and institutional, that demonstrate the use of financial analysis and reasoning in solving international financial problems. * Includes coverage of the emergence of the new international financial system, the rise of the BRICS and the credit crunch. * Complete use of IFRS throughout the chapter on measuring and managing transactions. * Contains numerous Asian, Latin American, African and European cases, applications and examples. * Provides a truly global context for the study of international financial management. * Focuses on decision making in an international context. * Contains coverage of all of the traditional areas of corporate finance including: working capital management, capital budgeting, cost of capital and financial structure.

About the Author

Alan C. Shapiro is the holder of the Ivadelle andTheodore Johnson Professorship in Banking and Finance and Professorof Finance and Business Economics at the University of SouthernCalifornia. He has also been a Visiting Professor at YaleUniversity, UCLA, the Stockholm School of Economics, University ofBritish Columbia, and the U.S. Naval Academy. His specialties arecorporate and international financial management.
Peter Moles is Senior Lecturer in Finance at theUniversity of Edinburgh. He has 14 years experience in theCity in international capital markets, corporate finance, moneymarkets, the Eurobond market and risk management. His researchinterests are in capital structure; derivatives and riskmanagement; and how management decisions are made and thedifficulties associated with managing complex problems. Peter Molesis the co-author of Corporate Finance, published by JohnWiley & Sons Ltd.

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