International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook

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Practice the concepts, tools, and techniques of international financial statement analysis International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook gives busy professionals and those aspiring to a financial career a hands-on reference for understanding and applying the concepts and methodologies essential to accurate financial analysis. A companion to the International Financial Statement Analysis text, this practical workbook includes learning outcomes, chapter summaries, and problems that are designed to build skills and boost confidence before applying the concepts to real-world cases. The workbook offers an opportunity to test your understanding of the standards and mechanics of financial reporting and makes use of the text’s tools and techniques. This informative guide-which has practical application across international borders-aids in the understanding of financial reporting standards, income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, inventories, long-lived assets, income taxes, and much more. International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook is designed to facilitate information retention and build a strong foundation in financial statement analysis. It’s impossible to tell how well a subject is mastered without applying the relevant concepts to situations based in the real world. International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook offers the opportunity to: * Work topic-specific practice problems to facilitate intuitive understanding * Review each topic quickly using clear chapter summaries * Understand each chapter’s objective to avoid missing key information * Practice important methods and techniques before applying them in the real world International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook, Fourth Edition provides the most up-to-date knowledge and helps to apply that knowledge with carefully constructed problems.

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Language : English
Published : 2020-01-24
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