Introductory Chemistry, 2nd Edition

Publisher: Mc Graw Hill


From its very origin, Introductory Chemistry: An Atoms First Approach has been developed and written using an atoms‐first approach specific to introductory chemistry. It is not a pared down version of a general chemistry text, but carefully crafted with the introductory‐chemistry student in mind.The ordering of topics facilitates the conceptual development of chemistry for the novice, rather than the historical development that has been used traditionally. Its language and style are student‐friendly and conversational and the importance and wonder of chemistry in everyday life are emphasised at every opportunity. Continuing in the Burdge tradition, this text employs an outstanding art program, a consistent problem-solving approach, interesting applications woven throughout the chapters and a wide range of end-of-chapter problems.

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Language : English
Published : 2019-01-07
Pages : 626