Inventive Engineering: Knowledge and Skills for Creative Engineers

Inventive Engineering is an emerging engineering science focused on the conceptual designing processes whereby creative designs are developed. Its core concepts are too often unknown and even surprising, but they are also feasible and can be learned, leading to potentially patentable designs. Inventive engineers have a tremendous competitive advantage over other engineers, because they have gone beyond practical and analytical intelligence and have learned how to be creative. Inventive Engineering: Knowledge and Skills for Creative Engineers has its roots in engineering, psychology, history, systems engineering, political science, and computer science. It presents a body of knowledge integrated from these fields. It provides: * Background knowledge, which will motivate and prepare students for learning inventive engineering * A general outline of Inventive Engineering, with an understanding of the conceptual designing process and its various stages * Guidance on several inventive designing methods set in their cultural context to encourage students to develop practical skills for their use.

About the Author

Tomasz Arciszewski is a professor emeritus at George Mason University. He is a global scholar with experience that spans five continents and 24 countries. His life mission is to inspire and educate engineers in becoming more creative, thus enabling them to serve humanity in an expanded capacity, not only as analysts but also as inventors. Dr. Arciszewski has published more than 175 research and technical articles, including 57 journal papers and 29 book chapters, and coauthored or authored books. He earned his degrees from the Warsaw University of Technology. Before joining George Mason University in 1993, he was a member of the faculty at Wayne State University for 10 years.

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