Leading Latino Talent to Champion Innovation

This book is a study on how to unlock the innovative potential of the US Latino workforce. It goes beyond diversity by looking into how this emerging segment of the workforce views, accepts, and embraces innovation. This book really lends itself to understanding that innovation emanates from human beings, and cultural influences will determine how innovation is defined. Latinos will make up 31 percent of the US workforce by the year 2050, and a significant part of the country’s knowledge workers will come from this demographic. Understanding how to unlock the innovative capabilities of Latinos is important for companies that want to differentiate themselves through an innovative workforce. This book combines empirically based research from our Project Impact study, and proven practical application using the ENOVALE methodology. Anyone that is a management professional or a business student will learn so much – this book goes beyond diversity, and provides management with definitive answers on how Latinos accept and react to innovation imperatives. It also provides tools and methods to help manage the workforce to achieve innovative results.

About the Author

Vinny Caraballo Miami Shores, FL; CEO, Global Targeting; Professor of marketing; Capella University. Greg McLaughlin Miami Shores, FL; Global Targeting. Heidi McLaughlin Miami Shores, FL; Global Targeting.

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