Linear Algebra with Applications 7th International Student Edition

This textbook is an introduction to the ideals and techniques of linear algebra for first- or second-year students with a working knowledge of high school algebra. The contents have enough flexibility to present a traditional introduction to the subject, or to allow for a more applied course. Chapters 1-4 contain a one-semester course for beginners whereas Chapter 5-9 contain a second semester course. The text is primarily about real linear algebra with complex numbers being mentioned when appropriate (review in Appendix A). Overall, the aim of the text is to achieve a balance among computational skills, theory, and applications of linear algebra. Calculus is not a prerequisite; places where it is mentioned may by omitted.

As a rule, students of linear algebra learn by studying examples and solving problems. Accordingly, the book contains a variety of exercises (over 1200, many with multiple parts), ordered as to their difficulty. In addition, more than 375 solved examples are included in the text, many of which are computational in nature.

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