Malaysian Economy: Unfolding Growth and Social Change

This book has a number of pedagogical features that offer the most current and widespread coverage of Malaysian economy. It is written to meet the increasing demand from undergraduate and graduate students to understand the developments in the Malaysian economy over the last 15 years. It provides a detailed exploration of Malaysia’s Macroeconomic structure and also the economic issues of concern to policymakers, academics and industry experts that have changed significantly.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. Overview of Malaysian Economy
  • Chapter 2. Macroeconomic Policies
  • Chapter 3. From Tin to Petroleum
  • Chapter 4. Development of Agriculture
  • Chapter 5. Industrial Policy and Industralization
  • Chapter 6. Innovation and Technological Progress
  • Chapter 7. Education and Human Capital Formation
  • Chapter 8. Trade and Environment
  • Chapter 9. Poverty and Income Distribution
  • Chapter 10. Affirmative Action and Ethnic Inequality
  • Chapter 11. Privatization of Infrastructure Services in Malaysia

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