Management 12th Edition

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Welcome to our 12th edition. Thank you to everyone who has used and learned from previous editions. We are proud to present to you our newest and most exciting edition.

Our Goals

Our Mission with this text hasn’t changed from that of our previous editions: to inform, instruct, and inspire. We hope to inform by providing descriptions of the important concepts and practices of modern management. We hope to instruct by describing how you can take action on the ideas discussed. We hope to inspire not only writing in an interesting and Optimistic way but also by providing a real sense of the opportunities ahead of you.Whether your goal is starting your own company, leading a team to greatness, building a strong organization, delighting your customers, or generally forging a positive,and sustainable future, we want to inspire you to take constructive actions.

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Language : English
Published : 2016-03-16
Pages : 768