Managing Logistics and Supply Chain Challenges: Singapore Insights and Perspectives

Strategically located in Asia, Singapore has built on its geographical advantage to become one of the world s leading logistics hubs and a preferred location for leading manufacturers to establish regional distribution centres. Its world-class infrastructure, excellent connectivity, efficient customs, pro-business environment, educated workforce and stable government have made Singapore a compelling logistics and supply chain management (SCM) nerve centre. This book brings together logistics professionals, consultants and academics to provide a broad yet comprehensive perspective of the multi-faceted logistics and SCM industry in Singapore. The authors share their insights and experiences on how successful strategies and solutions have been developed to meet the logistics and supply chain challenges unique to their industries. The supply chains and industries featured operate in markets that differ widely in terms of the nature of products and services, product life cycle, customer demand, vulnerability and risk, and regulatory framework. An overriding thread is how they are continually adapting to the changing environment and using logistics and SCM capabilities to differentiate their competencies.

The 23 chapters are contributed by subject matter experts on topics that reflect the current landscape in Singapore sdynamic logistics and SCM industry. Topics have an industry-specific perspective such as chemical, food, health are, high-tech, humanitarian, relocation and special-cargo logistics, as well as a crossindustry perspective such as management of human resources, information, air and ocean freight, risk, and sustainable supply chains. Case studies enable readers to step figuratively into real world situations to better understand the challenges and issues faced as well as the solutions developed. Tables, figures and end-of-chapter summaries direct readers to the main ideas, concepts and learning points.

Chapter 1 The Evolution of Singapore s Logistics and Supply Chain Management Industry Chapter 2 Chemical Supply Chain Management Chapter 3 High-tech Supply Chains Chapter 4 Logistics of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Chapter 5 Food Logistics and Cold Chain Management Chapter 6 Automated Sortation Distribution Centre at NTUC FairPrice Chapter 7 Moving Fashion Trends Chapter 8 Events Logistics Chapter 9 Project Logistics Chapter 10 Live Animal Shipments: The Korban Project Chapter 11 Humanitarian and Emergency Logistics Chapter 12 Relocation and Moving Services Chapter 13 Human Resource Management in Action Chapter 14 Information Technologies in Supply Chains Chapter 15 Protecting the Value of Profits in International Trade Chapter 16 The Changing Box Trade Chapter 17 Issues, Challenges and Innovations in the Air Cargo Industry Chapter 18 Container Port Development in the 21st Century: Challenges and Trends Chapter 19 Extending Value-added Services in the Supply Chain Chapter 20 Remanufacturing and Location Choices for the Supply Chain Chapter 21 Security Risk Management in the Logistics Sector Chapter 22 Supply Chain Risks and Frameworks Chapter 23 Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

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