Mastering the Requirements Process

Publisher: Pearson Education

The definitive guide to the software requirements process, now updated for the needs of today’s business analysts at all experience levels * *Walks step-by-step through the entire requirements process, introducing Volere, the authors’ detailed, proven model. *Teaches powerful new ‘Thinking Above the Line’ techniques for identifying the real business problem to be solved, and communicating it to all project participants. *Presents extensive new coverage, including new ways to integrate innovation and agility into requirements. One of the most crucial tasks in software development is identifying and specifying requirements: in other words, clarifying what the customer or user really needs. As development teams have learned the hard way, this is no small undertaking. It can only be managed with a clearly defined process. In Mastering the Requirements Process, Third Edition, Suzanne and James Robertson present Volere, their detailed, start-to-finish model for successfully developing and communicating requirements. Over decades, the Robertsons have helped hundreds of companies improve their requirements processes. In this new edition, they’ve reflected all the new lessons they’ve learned, refining their processes to work even more effectively in today’s agile and fast-changing environments. This edition’s coverage includes: * *Comprehensive techniques for uncovering the true business problem – including advanced ‘Thinking Above the Line’ approaches. *Four views of the problem domain: making it easier to understand the problem and communicate the solution. *Detailed linkages showing connections among deliverables through every stage of development. *Updated guidance on connecting stakeholders via the requirements process. *Better ways to develop requirements for agile projects. *How to incorporate innovation when discovering requirements

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Language : English
Published : 2012
Pages : 768