Mathematical Modelling and Simulation in Chemical Engineering

Author: M. Chidambaram

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Written in a clear, logical and concise manner, this comprehensive resource provides discussion on essential mathematical tools, required for upgraded system performance. Understanding of basic principles and governing laws is essential to reduce complexity of the system, and this guide offers detailed discussion on analytical and numerical techniques to solve mathematical model equations. Important concepts including nonlinear algebraic equations, initial value ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and boundary value ODEs are discussed in detail. The concepts of optimization methods and sensitivity analysis, which are important from subject point of view, are explained with suitable examples. Numerous problems and MATLAB (R)/Scilab exercises are interspersed throughout the text. Several case studies involving full details of simulation are offered for better understanding. The accompanying website will host additional MATLAB (R)/Scilab problems, model question papers, simulation exercises, tutorials and projects. This book will be useful for students of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, instrumentation engineering and mathematics.

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Language : English
Published : 2018-03-31
Pages : 262