Measuring the Success of Organization Development

Measuring the Success of Organization Development: A Step-by-Step Guide for Measuring Impact and Calculating ROI examines the strategic role of organisational development (OD), explains the reasons for measuring OD efforts, and proposes a framework for measuring effectiveness. Ultimately, OD practitioners will be able to determine how particular OD interventions correlate with business results; determine areas for investments, modifications, and cessation; justify budget allocations; and be more accountable for how money is spent within their organisations. Part I of the book explains the concept of ROI and outlines the steps to ensure accurate measurement of the effects of OD programs. Part II consists of case studies that show “evaluation in action,” providing a conceptual framework and workable suggestions for developing, implementing, and maintaining programs for measuring success in OD programmes.

About the Author

Patricia Pulliam Phillips, PhD, is an internationally recognized author, consultant, and president and CEO of the ROI Institute, Inc. Phillips provides consulting services to organisations worldwide. Jack J. Phillips, PhD, is chairman of the ROI Institute and a world-renowned expert on measurement and evaluation. Phillips provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies and workshops for major conference providers worldwide. Phillips is also the author or editor of more than 75 books and more than 100 articles. Lizette Zuniga, PhD, brings more than 15 years to the field of human resource development. She specialises in organisation development, assessment, leadership development, and measurement and evaluation. Zuniga co-authored the book Costs and ROI: Evaluating at the Ultimate Level with Jack Phillips and has published several articles and book chapters.

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