Metalworking Fluids 3rd Edition

Author: Jerry P. Byers
Publisher: CRC Press

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This revised and expanded Third Edition contains 21 chapters summarizing the latest thinking on various technologies relating to metalworking fluid development, laboratory evaluation, metallurgy, industrial application, fluid maintenance, recycling, waste treatment, health, government regulations, and cost/benefit analysis. All chapters of this uniquely comprehensive reference have been thoroughly updated, and two new chapters on rolling of metal flat sheets and nanoparticle lubricants in metalworking have been added. This must-have book for anyone in the field of metalworking includes new information on chemistries of the most common types of metalworking fluids, advances in recycling of metalworking fluids, and the latest government regulations, including EPA standards, the Globally Harmonized System being implemented for safety data sheets, and REACH legislation in Europe.

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Language : English
Published : 2017-09-20
Pages : 529