Minna no Nihongo Elementary 2-2 Translation & Grammatical Notes in English


‘-Minna no Nihongo is a general Japanese language textbook that concentrates on developing basic conversational skills in the quickest and most effective manner possible. Through the steady acquisition of sentence patterns, the learner develops a firm foundation in the language, enabling him/her to advance to the intermediate level beyond.
-13 lessons, 33 sentence patterns, approximately 390 new words.
-Focuses on the various situations in which foreigners living in Japan have to communicate with the Japanese and gives insights into life in the country.
-Written in Japanese characters (kanji and kana), with kana readings given for all kanji (Chinese) characters, enabling the learner to become familiar with the written language.
-As the book begins with basic pronunciation, suitable for even complete beginners.
-By the end of Book 1-2, the learner will be able to talk about himself/herself in simple terms.
-Uses a system that gradually builds up the learner’s knowledge of sentence patterns, thereby steadily improving his/her Japanese language ability.
-Reading material on interesting themes geared towards the level of the learner.
-Substitution drills to familiarize the learner with the sentence patterns, as well as conversation drills making the learner use the sentence patterns in dialogues.
-Periodic review sections to check progress
-Minna no Nihongo – Asian Edition is made up of the following books:
Main textbook 1-1
Translation & Grammatical Notes in English 1-1
CD 1-1
Main textbook 1-2
Translation & Grammatical Notes in English 1-2
CD 1-2
Main textbook 2-1
Translation & Grammatical Notes in English 2-1
Main textbook 2-2
Translation & Grammatical Notes in English 2-2
-The Main textbook and the Translation & Grammatical Notes should be used together as a set.

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