Moral Politics in the Philippines: Inequality, Democracy and the Urban Poor

Author: Wataru Kusaka
Publisher: NUS Press Singapore


Moral Politics in the Philippines offers an in-depth examination of the political participation and discourse of the urban poor in Manila. After the ousting of Ferdinando Marcos in 1986, society in the Philippines fractured along socioeconomic lines. The educated middle class began to recognize themselves as moral citizens and political participants while condemning the poor as immoral “masses” who earn money illegally and support corrupt leaders. Conversely, the poor believe themselves to be morally upright and criticize the rich as arrogant oppressors. Wataru Kusaka looks at the dangers of this moralization of politics during the last several decades, and he analyzes the damaging effects it has had on democracy by excluding much of society and marginalizing the interests of those most in need of resources.

About the Author

Wataru Kusaka is associate professor in the Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University, Tokyo.

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Language : English
Published : 2017-05-15
Pages : 358