My Digital Entertainment for Seniors

Author: Jason R. Rich
Publisher: Que Publishing

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Learn On-Demand TV, DVRs, Music, Games, Books, and More! With My Digital Entertainment for Seniors, you’ll discover easy ways to access and experience entertainment using today’s technology, without getting confused or bogged down with techno-babble-and without spending a fortune. This easy-to-follow guide covers all aspects of entertainment-movies, TV shows, radio, music, newspapers and magazines, books, and more-whether you’re using a computer, mobile device, or other technology. Specifically, you’ll: * Get acquainted with all forms of digital entertainment that are available in everyday life, including on-demand TV shows, movies, music and radio programming, podcasts, eBooks and audiobooks, digital editions of newspapers and magazines, YouTube videos, and interactive games.Discover the difference between streaming and downloading content from the Internet to your computer or mobile device.* Learn what equipment you’ll need and how to use this equipment, no matter how tech-savvy you are-or aren’t.* Find out how to watch, listen to, and read what you want, when you want it, on your TV, desktop computer, notebook computer, smartphone, tablet, eBook reader, or gaming console.* Learn what types of entertainment are available to use on eBook readers, digital video recorders, digital music players, high-definition television sets, cable/satellite TV service providers, what types of entertainment are readily available via the Internet, and how to use your computer, smartphone or tablet as an entertainment device.* Find ways to stay safe and protect yourself from identity theft or online crime when surfing the Internet, shopping online, playing games, doing online banking, and handling other Internet-related tasks.

About the Author

Jason R. Rich ( is an accomplished author, journalist, andphotographer. Some of his recently published books include iPad and iPhoneTips and Tricks, Fifth Edition (Que), My Digital Photography for Seniors (Que), Apple Watch and iPhone Fitness Tips and Tricks (Que), and My GoPro Hero Camera (Que). As a photographer, Jason’s work continues to appear in conjunction with his articles published in major daily newspapers, national magazines, and online, as well as in his various books. He also works with professional actors, models, and recording artists to develop their portfolios and take their headshots, and continues to pursue travel and animal photography. Through his work as an enrichment lecturer, he often offers digital photography workshops and technology-related classes aboard cruise ships operated by Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Celebrity Cruise Lines, as well as through adult education programs in the New England area. Please follow Jason R. Rich on Twitter (@JasonRich7) and Instagram (@JasonRich7).

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Language : English
Published : 2016-03-01
Pages : 480