New Venture Creature Asian Global Edition


New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century is about the actual process of getting venture started, growing the venture, successfully harvesting it, and starting again. This book continues to be the product of experience and considerable research in the field-rooted in real-world application and refined in the classroom. The design and flow of the book are aimed at creating knowledge, skills, and awareness. In a pragmatic way-through text, case studies, and hands-on exercises-students are drawn in to discover critical aspects of entrepreneurship, and what levels of competencies, know-how, experience, attitudes, resources, and networks are required to pursue different entrepreneurial opportunities.

There is no substitute for the real thing-actually starting a company. But short of that, this book exposes students to many of the vital issues and immerses them in key learning experiences, such as critical self-assessment and developing an effective business plan. Included in this new Asia Global Edition are numerous examples of successful Asian entrepreneurs and their experiences.

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