Nursing Informatics And The Foundation Of Knowledge 3rd Edition

Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge, Third Edition is an outstanding student resource and guide to the history of healthcare informatics, current issues, basic informatics concepts, and health information management applications. This comprehensive text includes the building blocks of informatics through complicated topics such as data mining, bioinformatics, and system development. The content is enhanced through its grounding in the Foundation of Knowledge Model. The Third Edition has been expanded to include informatics coverage for all levels of nursing practice from a Bachelor’s Degree through a DNP degree. As a result, a new chapter on Data Mining as a Research Tool and The Art of Caring in Technology Laden Environments were added to the text. Updates to the Third Edition Include: Research briefs presented in text box format encourage the reader to access current research Informatics related content for the Essentials of Master’s Education and QSEN Competencies Enhanced Education section including Smart phone use in Education, enhanced mentoring and simulated documentation Cutting-edge innovations, nursing aspects of meaningful use, patient safety, wearable technology, cloud computing, smart devices, and social media.

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