Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Set: Molecular Model Set

This kit enables users to build virtually all simple molecules encountered in organic chemistry. * Includes space-filling models that simulate the true shape of saturated compounds * Provides open models that form realistic single, double, and triple bonds — even strained rings * Allows smooth rotation of the bonds to make conformational analysis easy * Includes a Instruction Book — with photos, diagrams, and concise discussions of chemical principles The set includes: 28 Hydrogen (white) 14 Carbon (black) 8 Oxygen (red) 4 Nitrogen (blue) 8 Chlorine (green) 2 Bromine (orange) 2 Iodine (purple) 40 Single Bond, Space-filling Models (white) 40 Single Bond, Open Models (short grey) 12 Double and Triple Bonds, Open Models (long grey)

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