QR Codes for Trainers

Using QR codes is an effective and engaging way to make training more interactive and offer learners resources that they can access quickly through mobile devices. QR codes are about connections: connecting people with one another AND connecting them to digital content. The two-dimensional barcodes are used to make it easy for learners to take recommended actions, increase peer-to-peer collaboration and knowledge transfer, conduct real-time activities, and provide instant support materials and job aids. In this Infoline, you will learn how to create QR codes using free or low-cost tools and effective techniques. YouAEll also learn to Share information for training and performance support Enhance learning at conference sessions and events Promote learning events and increase attendance.

About the Author

Kella B. Price has 13 years of experience in training and development, and talent management functions. As CEO of Price Consulting Group, she is a trainer and facilitator. Price has published research on diversity, expatriates, stress, job satisfaction, and employee turnover. In addition, she has designed numerous training and development tools. Price is adept at using web 2.0 technologies, including blogging, Twitter, bookmarking tools like Delicious, and social media networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. She regularly conducts training on how to use these technologies as a business tool for collaboration and building relationships. You can find her on Twitter @kellaprice.

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