Radiowave Propagation: Physics and Applications 1st Edition

Publisher: Wiley

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Radiowave Propagation provides an overview of the physical mechanisms governing electromagnetic wave propagation in the Earth’s troposphere and ionosphere. With an accessible and student-oriented approach, this textbook explores a wide range of topics in a combination of physical and empirical descriptions. Student-approved by Ohio State University, this source presents current empirical information, helping students to strengthen their electromagnetic physics skills. Both engineers and students will find the balance of physical and empirical models provides the basic physical insight as well as practical means for the computations needed in system design.

About the Author

Curt A. Levis was director of The Ohio State UniversityElectroScience Laboratory from 1961 to 1969. He received the EtaKappa Nu Distinguished Teaching Award in 1978, 1979, and 1980; healso received a Distinguished Teaching Award from The Ohio StateUniversity Alumni Association in 1980. Professor Levis is an IEEEFellow.

Joel T. Johnson is a professor in the Department ofElectrical and Computer Engineering and ElectroScience Laboratoryat The Ohio State University. His research interests are in theareas of electromagnetics, propagation, and microwave remotesensing. He is an IEEE Fellow and a recipient of the ONR YoungInvestigator, PECASE, and NSF CAREER awards.

Fernando L. Teixeira is an associate professor in theDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering andElectroScience Laboratory at The Ohio State University, as well asAssociate Editor for IEEE Antennas and Wireless PropagationLetters. He is a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award and thetriennial USNC-URSI Booker Fellowship.

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