Recovering from the Global Financial Crisis: Achieving Financial Stability in Times of Uncertainty

Why are some global financial crises more difficult to recover from than others? What steps are necessary to insure that recovery is initiated and financial stability restored? These are just some of the questions which this book attempts to address. It also provides insights into why global financial crises have become more complicated to address than was previously the case. This book contends that pro cyclicality and capital measures should not be the sole focus of the G20s initiatives. It recognizes that other important issues, such as liquidity risks and requirements have, to a large extent, constituted the focus of international standard setters and regulators. This book also covers previously ignored issues such as the ‘cartelization’ of capital markets. The need and concern for increased regulation of bond, equity markets, as well as other complex financial instruments which can be traded in OTC (Over- the-Counter) derivatives markets is evidenced by Basel III s focus and also addressed within. ‘Cartelization’ and organized activities relating to rate-rigging in global capital markets have been evidenced recently by sophisticated EURIBOR and LIBOR rate-rigging practices and incidents, is covered as well. Direct regulators, central bank officials and supervisors, academics, business and legal professionals and other relevant interested parties in the field are among those who will benefit from the insights provided in this book.

About the Author

Marianne Ojo Heidelberg, Germany, Visiting Scholar, U. of Heidelberg,Germany.

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