Resurgent Indonesia: From Crisis to Confidence

Author: Vasuki Shastry
Publisher: Straits Times Press


In 1998, wracked by financial turmoil and political upheaval, Indonesia seemed like a country on the brink of collapse. Yet it has more than turned its fortunes around.

Resurgent Indonesia – From Crisis to Confidence is the gripping inside account of Indonesia’s steep decline after the Asian financial crisis and its improbable recovery and rise in the ensuing two decades.

Giving readers a unique insight into Indonesia’s journey is former journalist Vasuki Shastry, who covered the tumultuous fall of Suharto for The Business Times and continued to work on matters related to Indonesia at the International Monetary Fund. Blending first-rate journalism with in-depth research, the book charts the country’s difficult journey from a failing state to a confident young democracy and a fast-growing economy.

[Contents] Prelude to a Crisis 1.Introduction 2.The Gathering Storm Five Stages of a Crisis 3.Denial 4.Bargaining 5.Depression 6.Anger 7.Acceptance Rise from the Ashes 8.Chindonesia 9.The Asean Way 10.Jokowi Juggernaut 11.Archipelago of Possibility

[About the Author] Vasuki Shastry was a well-known business and economics journalist in India, Singapore, and Indonesia before joining the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1998. His last assignment as a journalist was in Jakarta, where he was bureau chief of The Business Times between 1996 and 1998, covering the Asian financial crisis and the fall of President Suharto. He worked extensively on Indonesia during his stint at the IMF, starting as Asia Pacific spokesperson and in other roles.

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Published : 2018-03-01