Sharp Scientific Calculator EL-W531S II

Publisher: Sharp Corporation


In the writeView mode, you can enter and display fractions or certain functions as you would write them.

  • Display : 4-lines (96 X 32 dot matrix display)
  • 1/2-Variable statistics
  • Data Table in the STAT mode
  • Normal probability calculations
  • N-BASE Calculations (BIN/PEN/OCT/DEC/HEX)
  • Logical operation
  • Simultaneous linear equations with two unknowns (2-VLE) or three unknowns (3-VLE)
  • Quadratic and cubic equations solvers
  • Conversion to Engineering notations
  • List display of the variable memories (A/B/C/D/E/F/X/Y/M)
  • Definable memories (D1-D3)
  • Math drill
  • Multiplication table
  • Name display function
  • Home key (Back to NORMAL mode)
  • One-key easy Fraction/Decimal conversion
  • Multi-Line playback

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