SMEs From the Ground Up: A No-Nonsense Approach to Trainer-Expert Collaboration

Much is said about the crucial role of learning in the success of businesses today. Since the best instructional design thrives on acquiring precise content, it is imperative that practitioners find the most efficient and productive ways to work with subject matter experts (SMEs). Building on the design principles highlighted in his previous work ISD from the Ground Up, Chuck Hodell provides a practical, realistic guide to building working, productive relationships with SMEs in SMEs from the Ground Up . It isnAEt enough to ask our experts for a obrain dump,o so this book is packed with tips for building great courses by fully incorporating the talents of SMEs into the actual course design process. As Hodell states, oa talented content expert could be just as rich an asset as the best instructional designer or facilitator.o This book will show practitioners how to: Select the right technical SMEs Welcome SMEs into the training design process Define roles and responsibilities Evaluate the performance of SMEs Migrate experts into mainstream ISD roles

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