Strategic Compensation in Canada 5th Edition

Strategic Compensation in Canada, Fifth Edition, by Richard Long is part of the market-leading Nelson Education Series in Human Resources Management. This text balances and integrates the strategic, behavioural, and technical principles for identifying and designing the compensation system that will add the most value to an organization. This is accomplished within a systematic framework that is based on a foundation of scientific research and relevant theories and verified by actual organizational experiences. This approach is delivered in an informal writing style and supported by strong pedagogical features—such as opening vignettes, Compensation Today, Compensation Notebook, and end-of-chapter material—that maximize its value as an effective learning tool. Students’ learning can be further enhanced by the accompanying Strategic Compensation: A Simulation, Fifth Edition, which provides students with the opportunity to design an entire compensation system, from strategy formulation to implementation of the new pay structure, complete with market-based actual dollars attached to the pay ranges. This simulation has been specifically designed by its authors (Richard Long and Henry Ravichander) to utilize all the steps along the road map to effective compensation, as described in the Strategic Compensation in Canada text.

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