Strategic Market Relationships: From Strategy to Implementation 2nd Edition

Strategic Market Relationships, 2nd Edition develops the reader’s understanding of the nature, relevance and importance of creating and sustaining relationships as a strategic resource. It takes a managerial perspective to the study of relationships, from strategy to implementation. The first edition was the first text that comprehensively addressed relationships as a strategic issue, and considering relationships as strategic and as a basis for competition is central to this book. In a nutshell, strategic market relationships is the process of analyzing, formulating and implementing a relationship strategy for an organisation.
The new edition is being totally restructured in the light of teaching experience with the book and new research since it was published. Most of the existing content will still be there but presented in a new logic.
Continues to map relationships from strategy to implementation
Text more clearly divided into strategy and implementation parts
Continues to focus on close relationships and on the management of relationships
Continues with introductory case illustration and end of chapter teaching cases with many new ones
All chapter updated with new research since the last publication
Revamped chapter on relationship planning including a stronger focus on strategic choice and relationship development
New chapter on relationship types/archetypes to develop on the theme of classification and the management of specific relationships
New chapter on organizing relationships
Newchapter on people and relationships
E-relationship chapter integrated into chapter on communication and dialogue in a relationship
New chapter on channel relationships
Chapter on relationship performance restructured around costs and value.
Ethics and researching relationships expanded in the conclusion chapter

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