Student Success in College: Doing What Works! 2nd Edition

STUDENT SUCCESS IN COLLEGE: DOING WHAT WORKS!, SECOND EDITION provides an accessible and relevant way for students to move beyond opinions and advice about how to succeed in college by offering an integrated approach of research-backed student success practices paired with student success research studies. Students learn how to put skills for success into practice as they strive to accomplish their academic goals. With an overall theme of reading, critical thinking, and information literacy skills, the text helps students feel comfortable with the structure of research study articles, making it more likely that they will successfully use these higher level sources earlier in their academic careers. By increasing academic rigor, STUDENT SUCCESS IN COLLEGE: DOING WHAT WORKS!, SECOND EDITION builds research-based knowledge about what study skills work; teaches students how to engage with scholarly sources; provides opportunities for students to actively read, critically think, and enhance information literacy skills; and supports students to increase their self-efficacy and motivation.

About the Author

Dr. Christine Harrington is a professor in the History and Social Sciences department and serves as the director for the Center for the Enrichment of Learning and Teaching, a professional development center for faculty, at Middlesex County College in New Jersey. She is a licensed psychologist with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Lehigh University, an M.A. in Counseling and Personnel Services, and a B.A. in Psychology from Trenton State College. She has been teaching the Student Success Course at the community college level for over 15 years, often teaching special sections for students with learning disabilities. In addition to teaching the Student Success course, Dr. Harrington’s teaching experience includes Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology, Educational Psychology, Child Psychology, and Lifespan Development, teaching many of these courses in an online format as well as the traditional in person format. Prior to teaching full time, she worked in the Counseling and Career Services Department for seven years, serving students with disabilities, as well as the general campus population. Dr. Harrington also served as the Assessment Coordinator for her campus, providing workshops, consultation and support to academic and service areas assessing courses, programs, and services. Dr. Harrington frequently presents at national conferences, colleges and universities on topics such as motivation, the syllabus, dynamic lecturing, and effective group work. Her research based approach to the student success course was featured in an article published in E-Source for College Transitions. Dr. Harrington was also invited to write a chapter on the developmental process of becoming a critical thinker for an upcoming book to be published by the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience.

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