The History of Reading

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`An extremely intelligent guide to the history of reading… The editors accurately map the new terrain of reading history, setting a variety of global studies within the theoretical approaches so far developed. Their lively prose and judicious selections will attract students and scholars alike to the field.’ Shef Rogers, Editor of `Script and Print’ `This collection will appeal to students and scholars of history, literature and cultural studies and is essential for specialists in the history of reading.’ Bill Bell, Director of the Centre for the History of the Book, The University of Edinburgh The History of Reading Offers on engaging, accessible overview of this fast-developing subject from the rise of literacy through to the current of `book clubs’. The editors offer a variety of extracts crucial to understanding the history of reading and its social, political and cultural implications. Providing both a clear introduction to the history of the field and a taster of the breadth, diversity and vitality of current debats, The History of Reading is an essential resource for undergraduates, graduates and researchers.

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Language : English
Published : 2011
Pages : 454