The Technology Change Book: Change the way you think about technology change

As change goes, technology implementation is as big as it gets. Technology is a breathtaking investment. A typical ERP effort often takes 2-3 percent of revenue and a heck of a lot of work, devouring profitability, time, focus, and energy. Why do we do it? For the huge upsides: competitiveness, survival, domination, success. This book is for anyone whose neck is on the line to deliver. How do you make sure you deliver? The key is to get people to use technology correctly. Technology is a tool. If you can t harness the power of the people in your organization to use that tool correctly, you ve lost. Authors Tricia Emerson and Mary Stewart, lifetime change professionals, posed a question to themselves and their colleagues: What do you wish you had known when you started your toughest technology project? The result is The Technology Change Book.

About the Author

Trish Emerson has spent her career managing organisational change. Her passion is helping enhance the value of her clients’ most important asset – their people. Trish so loves her chosen field that she launched her own firm: Emerson Human Capital Consulting, Inc (EHC). Since 2001, EHC has provided organisations with creative solutions that bring tangible results. Mary Stewart loves to talk about change. A former Big Five change management consultant, Mary now considers herself a writer and communicator. She has found her groove helping Emerson Human Capital reach out to clients and the consulting industry. She helps craft messages to our clients, maintains EHC’s branding and image, and supports the communication line of business.

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