The Theory and Practice of Change Management 5th Edition

Author: John Hayes
Publisher: Palgrave

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John Hayes’s bestselling textbook combines a scholarly discussion of change management with a host of practical tools and techniques. It provides future managers with all the skills they need to diagnose the need for change and to ensure its successful implementation. The book’s unique underpinning framework views change as a purposeful and constructed sequence of events, rather than something chaotic and unmanageable. Its hands-on approach includes a number of ‘Change Tools’ that students can apply to various scenarios, an array of case studies and examples based on real-life organisations worldwide, and video interviews with experienced change practitioners, who share their insights on key topics. The book will be essential reading for final-year business undergraduates, as well as MBA and postgraduate students who are taking modules in change management or organisational change. It is also ideal for change practitioners and consultants.

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Language : English
Published : 2018-02-13
Pages : 592