The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Path to Free Trade Area in the Asia-Pacific

Mega-regionalism in the Asia Pacific has led to the formation of several emerging trade blocs, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This book, in addition to the examination of trade policies in the region, offers a comprehensive analysis of ongoing developments such as the impact of new members on the incumbent TPP-12 and its spillover to third parties, as well an objective study of the crucial issues of liberalization of agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and intellectual property rights. Split into three diverse sections, this book is a joint venture of many outstanding scholars in various disciplines, all with expertise in the Asia Pacific’s regional affairs. These contributions provide readers with a rigorous assessment of membership enlargement and sectorial liberalization of the TPP as well as the pathways toward region-wide free trade areas. Editor Peter C.Y. Chow includes both an analysis of the trade policies of China and the US and a discussion of the impact of new members on trade complementarity, global value chains, and the US’s trade balance. Detailed studies on the effect of Taiwan’s membership on the US economy and industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and service are also explored. This edited volume will attract readers interested in international trade, economic integration, and globalization. Academics and practitioners in geopolitics, geo-economics, and international relations in the Asia Pacific will also be interested.

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Edited by Peter C.Y. Chow, Professor of Economics, City College and Graduate Center, City University of New York, US

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