Tracing the Roots of Globalization and Business Principles 2nd Edition

History is an evolving inspection with new revelations continuing to be uncovered. The globalization phenomenon has roots throughout the world. It is important for all nations and people as they join the interconnected world economy to understand and appreciate the similarities shared by all in the past, continue to exist and impact the future. We are experiencing, in the words of Michael Rostovtzeff, the realization that ..”.the difference between the ancient economy and modern are differences of scale, not of kind.” Such common heritage is the fulcrum upon which the modern commercial dealings are based. Business principles are more universal than perhaps any other set of human standards. The exchange imperative was practiced by every society on earth and it is a shared process that continues to unite the world.

About the Author

Lawrence A. Beer, JD, is a retired senior lecturer after 12 years at the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, teaching MBAs and undergraduates on various international business subjects. Professionally, he is an attorney and accountant with senior executive tenure as president of international operations and house counsel to global corporations as well as managing director of his own international consulting firm. His other books include A Strategic and Tactical Approach to Global Business Ethics, 2nd Ed. and Essential Concepts of Cross-Cultural Management: Building on What We All Share (Business Expert Press). He is an article reviewer for the Journal of International Business Studies, a member of the Academy of International Business and Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management serving as conference paper submission reviewer as well as an editorial consultant and contributor to various business textbook publishers.

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