Visual Guide to Options

The practical, visual guide to the complex world of options investing loaded with tactics and tips for market success Options provide a diverse, strategic, advantaged approach to trading that can significantly limit the overall risks of a trade or yield additional returns. For many people, investing in options seem so risky that they fail to capitalize on this potentially lucrative opportunity that can unlock doors you would never imagine. The Bloomberg Visual Guide to Options uses full-color charts and other illustrations to help readers understand the mechanics and actionable details of the marketplace and how to profit from options trading. An accessible reference volume for investment professionals of all levels of experience, the book takes a direct and to the point approach to the topic, enhanced by colorful and visually effective graphs and charts of the options market. Discussing the functions of the exchanges, how they work, and the strategies for taking advantage of the market while steering clear of risk, this is the ultimate visual guide to understanding the world of trading options. * Immerses readers in the exciting world of options trading through the use of full-color graphs and charts * Provides tips, tricks, and real scenarios for successful trading, whether trading in a bull, bear, or neutral market * Presents detailed, unique strategies for understanding and succeeding in the real options market * Includes special learning aids, such as Key Point Summaries, Do-It-Yourself Exercises, Step-By-Step Instructions, and much more Putting even the most complex options trading issues at your fingertips in an easy-to-understand, readily accessible format, Bloomberg Visual Guide to Options is a must-have trading reference for professional investors.

About the Author

Jared A. Levy is the Senior Equities Strategist for Zacks Investment Research and manages several trading services, which can be found along with his blog at his website He is also a Managing Partner of Alternative Investments at Belpointe Capital in Greenwich, Connecticut. He has served as a market maker, specialist, and risk manager on three major stock exchanges, completely immersed in the finance and options industries since the age of eighteen. He published his first book, Your Options Handbook , by the age of thirty-one. Jared has worked for some of the most respected option trading firms in the world and has himself traded millions of options contracts and millions of shares of stock successfully over the years. Levy’s raw commentary and editorial insights have been featured in many industry publications over the years and has touched millions of investors around the globe. He has been a CNBC Fast Money contributing cast member and won an Emmy for his daily video, Trader Cast . Jared regularly appears and offers commentary and strategy on Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNN Radio, and other major TV and radio networks.

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