Your Career: How To Make It Happen 9th Edition

A best-selling, indispensable resource, YOUR CAREER: HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, 9E helps you move from “job seeker” to “job finder.” Packed with innovative resources you can use now and throughout your career, this step-by-step guide helps you find and keep the ideal job. This book introduces a manageable process for marketing yourself to prospective employers. Each chapter provides practical tips you can apply to your unique goals. Clear instruction guides you through self-assessment, employer research, self-marketing, networking, writing a market-driven resume, and interviewing. Practical assignments and a technology-driven focus connect you directly with the business community and employers. You build a strong foundation for current and future job searches as YOUR CAREER, 9E introduces the tools you need to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace, reach your career potential, and stand out as a strong candidate for jobs in your ideal career field.

About the Author

Ms. Kadakia is a rising thought leader, speaker, and consultant for topics related to Generation Transition Change Management and the Millennial/Gen Z Generations. She began her career as an engineer, where her work included the creation of a globally standard on-boarding program for the Engineering function in a Fortune 100 company. She later became a training manager for that company, and in that role, she redesigned the technical training new hire program and introduced it across the globe. As a career coach, Ms. Kadakia has coached numerous clients toward finding jobs and new career paths. Today, she leverages her unique expertise in engineering, training, coaching, and project management in her company, Career Indulgence. Ms. Kadakia is also the leader of the Human Capital Special Interest Group of her local Association for Talent Development (ATD) chapter. She is also a Huffington Post blogger, past TEDx speaker, as well as a past contributor to T D Magazine and recipient of numerous ATD awards. She holds a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Lauri Harwood is a widely respected consultant and trainer. Her extensive experience includes 15 years of developing corporate training for Procter & Gamble. She is an instructor at Miami University in Cincinnati, Ohio. As the owner of Vandalay Group, Inc., she serves as a writer, instructional designer, and program/project manager. Her degrees include a bachelor of arts in English literature (University of Cincinnati) and a Master of Technical and Scientific Communication (Miami University). After a decade in the engineering field, Ms. Owens became a full-time corporate training manager at Procter & Gamble. She created P&G’s first online global training programs, including classroom and web-based training programs for new hires. In partnership with a P&G recruiting leader, she created the first online internal job posting system for more than 80,000 employees at more than 200 sites around the world, and advised on training for P&G interviewers. Now retired from P&G, Ms. Owens has founded Training Design Strategies LLC (TDS), in order to continue helping the doers and the movers of the world achieve their goals through the power of training. She also serves on the advisory board for Ohio University’s instructional design certificate program, the Executive Advisory Board for The Association for Talent Development, Greater Cincinnati Chapter (GC-ATD), and CorpU’s Leaders-As-Teachers Executive Council. Her publications include the book LEADERS AS TEACHERS ACTION GUIDE (2014, coauthor), LO START-UP DI UNA CORPORATE UNIVERSITY (Italian), a series of articles for CorpU on creating Corporate Universities (2007 and 2011), and Leaders Training in Leadership Excellence magazine (2005). Ms. Owens earned her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and her Master of Education from the University of Cincinnati.

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