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A Clear View of the Law: Making Sense of Legal Complexity


“Most of us find law complex and, sometimes, incomprehensible. Yet, we encounter a host of different laws as we go about our daily lives. So, how then do we navigate the intricate pathways of laws that are relevant to us if we do not know what they mean, how to apply them or how to avoid the pitfalls? This book allows us to bridge that gulf of understanding. Put together with the insight gained from the author ́s three decades of teaching to a wide spectrum of participants, this book strips away what seems like a mystery to us. It explains and enlightens, so that we can make sense of what we think is chaos in the law. It also helps us to comprehend some of the legal material we have to read, be it a statute, a case report, a simple contract or even an article about an aspect of the law. Written in a simplified manner, the author shows us what law is, how laws are crafted and helps us understand its complexities and imperfections so that we come away with a clear view of the law”

Reinventing B2B Sales How To Win More Customers In A Dynamic Business World


With today's business world getting increasingly competitive and dynamic, it is essential for salespeople to constantly reinvent themselves, as well as be equipped with a different mindset and skills to thrive in the market. To achieve this, they need the ADÆPT™ sales system. Based on the intensive work done with more than thirty-seven companies over the last decade, the ADÆPT™ sales system was developed and aims to empower B2B salespeople with cutting-edge tools to increase their sales by differentiating themselves from the competition. With this system, they will learn how to attract, adapt, and acquire more customers in the new economy, moving from the traditional consultative sales approach to a collaborative one. They will be able to position themselves as a value-adding partner to their customers, instead of just being a vendor. With the ADÆPT™ sales system, B2B salespeople will be equipped with all the know-how they will need to reinvent their sales and tackle the challenges in any business environment.

About the Author:-

Highly sought after for his transformational and dynamic programmes, JACKY LIM has, over the last decade, worked with countless organisations and impacted the lives of more than ten thousand salespeople, professionals, high-level executives, and business owners across Asia and the rest of the world. Jacky’s personal motto is to “empower lives and to inspire breakthroughs”. He is well known for his ability to simplify seemingly complex concepts into easily digestible ones for his clients to enjoy and experience

real-life benefits. He has developed many of the coaching frameworks that he uses in his programmes and his expertise has landed him clients and working opportunities with big names such as Siemens, MSD, Canon, Samsung, ING Bank, NHST Media Group, Swiss Precision Industries, Singtel, AIA, and many more. Over the years, Jacky has been widely featured in the media including on the air at various radio stations, and in many newspapers and magazines.

Praise for the book:-He is also the author of a bestselling

· “Jam-packed with various tools and methodologies, this book is more of a checklist for seasoned B2B salespeople, and a preferred read for those who want to build stronger B2B relationships with their clients and acquire new prospects.” — Edwin J. Tanga Business Steward, ejt & Associates; Creative Communication Services

· “Being in sales for the last fifteen years of my career, I have come across numerous B2B selling systems. The ADÆPTTM system is definitely one of my top favourites. If anyone wishes to bring their salesmanship to the next level, this book is certainly a must-read.” — David Ang Strategic Account Lead in a global MNC in industrial automation

· “With the pandemic bringing many changes and challenges to the business world, having innovative ideas and the right tools can make a difference! This book has certainly given me better insights and practical steps on how I can build a relationship and sell more effectively to my clients virtually.” — Agustina Silalahi Sales Account Manager, Siemens

· “You need to own this book if you desire to become an effective B2B sales professional. It has given me great insights on how I can position my products and services more effectively to my clients, using different sales tools and understanding the human psychology.” — Son Tran Business Development Team Leader, Digilife Technologies

· “Fully absorbed into the content when reading. It’s thought-provoking, idea-generating, and action-triggering. An excellent book for B2B salespeople.” — Garen Tee Regional Sales Executive

· “The ADÆPTTM system works and Jacky delivered the secrets of these successful sales concepts brilliantly to the team in person. This book synthesises the same concepts so everyone can refer to it again and again. Use it in confidence!” — Teri Teo Director of Communications and Capability Development

· “The book will enable you to understand how to get clients to buy in to your ideas and generate sales. Learn the concept of context—succinctly summarise the situation of client by effective questioning techniques, framing—establish framework to understand customer centric sales journey and finally connecting the dots! Clients buy into emotional needs and justify with logic in decision making. It’s about buying in and not selling. A great book to read if you deeply desire to know the secret principles of being a great rainmaker!”— Evelyn Tan Business Development Director, Falco Academy

Street-Smart Strategies for Time Mastery

To do well in today’s fast-moving world, it is no longer enough to work hard. You need to work smart. One of the key success factors for students and adult learners is the art of mastering what you do with your time. Despite each of us having 24 hours or 1,440 minutes a day, replenished automatically at the start of each day, we often hear people complaining that they do not have enough time to complete their daily tasks.This book aims to equip you with actionable ideas and methods to help you clearly identify and avoid falling into time-wasting traps, clarify your utmost priorities at any one time, and supercharge your productivity using street-smart strategies for time mastery.When you take practical, concrete actions to improve the way you use your time, you will regain full control of your time and day. With consistent application of these strategies over time, you will soon find yourself on the highway of super achievement.

The Slingshot Maneuver How Small Business Can Take On Giant Competitors… and Win!



If you want to build a solid multimillion-dollar business, do not read this book… MEMORIZE IT!

Too many entrepreneurs are so caught up…

• Engaging in daily firefights within their businesses.

• Figuring out what’s the real bottleneck in their company.

• Hiring without knowing why their talents are leaving.

• Running the show without learning how to extract themselves from

• the process.

Sounds familiar? That is because after consulting with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners, Zachary realized that the problems plaguing startups and small businesses are all too similar.

For the first time ever in this book, he details step by step the time-tested Slingshot Maneuver that has successfully helped multiple small companies to…

• Hit their first million-dollar revenue year.

• Trigger the start of their exponential business growth.

• Scale beyond 8-figures worth of revenue within 12 to 24 months.

About the Author:-

ZACHARY YOUNG is the CEO of Next Level Universe and the founder of Underdog Strategy. He specializes in working with small to medium business owners to rapidly grow and scale their businesses efficiently through the use of critical numbers and strategic systems. He first discovered his unique ability to help underdogs gain their edge in the market while working for a small startup where he helped to take them pass the million-dollar revenue mark. He then went on to repeat this feat for a few more clients before eventually crystalizing the method into what is now known as the Slingshot Maneuver. During the peak of the COVID pandemic, Zachary managed to scale one of his clients’ businesses from $1 million annual revenue to $10 million in annual revenue within the span of one year. This resulted in him being hired to be the CEO of the company, a role which he is still currently active in. In his free time, Zachary can be found playing strategic games and trying to outwit the next fellow opponent. author of a bestselling

book published in 2014

Praise for the book:-

· “I never thought that someone could scale a company so quickly and smoothly from 7 to 8 figures in a few months…until I saw how Zachary Young did it—his ‘slingshot maneuver’ reveals everything!” – Thaddaeus Koh, Founder Of The Bullish Agency

· “If what you are looking for is a fool proof strategy to win against the giants in your industry, The Slingshot Maneuver is a must-read. Zachary is truly the Zhuge Liang of business in this era!” – Alan & Xin Hong, Founders of HappilyLove

· “I recently applied Zachary’s principles to my education business and was able to make $368,550 revenue in 2 days— and that was a record single-week revenue for my company! I highly recommend The Slingshot Maneuver to anyone who is looking to scale their business and operations—you won’t regret reading it!” – Ethan Lin Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of CryptoKnights and Author of The Mind Reader

· “Zachary’s book is a great display of his practical methods and framework in business. His extensive business experience makes it a must-read for all founders, business owners and entrepreneurs!” – Rachel Kang Marketing Manager of Invictus

· “Not only is Zachary a master strategist at helping companies grow exponentially while being as lean and efficient as possible, he is ultra-proficient with execution and able to think 5 to 10 steps ahead of everyone else. I guarantee you’ll pick up many valuable insights from his book!” – Marc Teo Founder of Master Implementers

· “Zachary’s work shifted my mindset and his business formula helped 5x my personal income! So if you want to increase your company revenue as well as improve your company culture, you will definitely need to read The Slingshot Maneuver.” – Glen Ho Bestselling Author of The Hidden Goldmine, Intentional Speaker at Success Resources, Director of Buffett Online School

· “The Slingshot Maneuver gives you an easy birds-eye perspective on how to scale businesses. Understanding this is key, it opens your eyes to looking at things in an effective, unorthodox way.” – Joshua Ng Co-founder of Symple Marketing

Towards a Sustainable Future Delivering Positive Economic, Environmental and Social Impact


Sustainability is a key issue that organisations and institutions around the world grapple with. This multimedia book comprises eight cases that explore various perspectives of sustainability as well as organisations and institutions at the forefront of this field. Although most of the cases are set in Singapore, the principles of sustainable development are applicable far beyond this Little Red Dot. The challenges of social enterprises’ dual mission of doing good while staying financially viable, of established companies’ efforts to groom and retain human capital, and governments’ coordinated efforts to build a liveable and sustainable future, are universal and applicable to many organisations and countries. We aim to spark discussion on how doing well and doing good can be – and are – complementary and to highlight the triple bottom line of economic viability, social impact and environmental sustainability as a primary metric to steer organisations and institutions toward thoughtful action to co-create sustainable living for the future.

Turbo Motivation Igniting Your Inner Engine to Supercharge and Sustain Your Motivation



If you observe the people around you, some may appear to be highly driven and motivated, while others may seem to be apathetic and less motivated in what they are doing. The ability to be motivated and sustain that motivation is a vital life skill to master, as it is an essential pillar that underpins successful goal achievement and happiness in our lives. This book is written by a university professor and a medical doctor, both well-established professionals who have successfully applied these motivation mastery principles to excel in their student years, professional careers, and personal life. This book provides you with a clear roadmap and scaffolded approach that empowers you to:

• Gain valuable insights into your current state of personal motivation

• Distinguish the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

• Identify and overcome the demotivating roadblocks that are holding you back

• Acquire practical strategies to become motivated and stay highly energised and focused

When you fully realise the nuances of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and harness their powerful forces, you will find yourself equipped with the relevant strategies that will enable you to be highly energised and much more positively driven than ever before. This will motivate you to work towards accomplishing your goals effectively and efficiently, and live a fulfilling life filled with purpose, clarity, and happiness.

About the Author:-

Prof (Dr) Kumaran Rajaram is a Senior Lecturer and Course Chair at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He is a Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) Fellow, which is one of NTU’s Premier Scholars Programmes, and a Senior Research Fellow with CRADLE. Dr. Rajaram has a PhD with distinction in Business and Management (majoring in organisational science and cultural intelligence). He has received multiple school, university, and national level research grants and awards. He has served as an editor and reviewer, and has published articles in international journals and conferences. He has over 18 years of leadership and senior management experience in strategic and change management, organisational development, and management consulting. He has served as Section Head, Engineering, Director of Academic Affairs and Head, Strategy & Business Development for Asia Pacific, and then as CEO for a global leadership and change management consulting firm before he made the transition to research and education. Organisations to which he has offered his expert consulting services include Microsoft, General Electric, Energizer, Siemens, NCS, SIM Global Education, Ferrero Rocher, SINDA, and many more. Dr Rajaram is the Founder of the Research Lab for Learning Innovations and Culture of Learning—Innosolvlearn, Creative Solutions ( He is a practising C-Suite Executive Coach and Management Consultant in the area of leadership, people and culture, and change management.

Dr Eugene Sern-Ting Tan is a Senior Consultant Dermatologist at the National Skin Centre in Singapore, where he currently serves as the Chief Clinical Informatics Officer, Chief of the Photodermatology Unit, and Head of the Teledermatology Workstream. His subspecialty interests include psoriasis, photodermatology, and photodynamic therapy. Over the years, Eugene has published over 30 research articles in regional and international scientific journals. He has co-authored three books on personal development, namely Love Clinic – How To Lose Your Bachelor’s Degree, Street-Smart Strategies for Time Mastery, and Turbo Motivation: Igniting Your Inner Engine to Supercharge and Sustain Your Motivation. He is also the co-editor of the book Phototherapy and Photodiagnostic Methods for the Practitioner. He volunteers as an ad-hoc reviewer for several medical journals and currently serves as the Chief Editor of the Journal of Business, Sciences, and Technology. As an invited speaker, Eugene has delivered numerous talks at various local and regional conferences. He is actively committed to teaching, with appointed educational roles in all three local medical schools. Eugene has a keen interest in personal development and believes that igniting and sustaining self-motivation is an essential skill for anyone who desires greater achievement and happiness in life.